Data is everywhere. Nowadays, everything we do -- from managing the efficiency of the heating in our home, to a run in the park -- can leverage the power of data through tracking, mapping, tracing, storing, analysing and cross-referencing of information. And with the rise of sensors, the internet of things, mobile usage and increasingly powerful social networks, the quantities of data and rate it’s being produced is accelerating exponentially. Put simply there’s so much noise.

Data is unsorted and unregulated, and platforms with mutually beneficial data sets remain disconnected. Information remains largely inaccessible, unreadable, and unusable for those seeking to leverage it. Whether that’s a curious researcher, or a business professional, it’s a nightmare.

Jolocom is a simple, distributed visualisation tool that displays high level connections between users’ personal contacts, projects, information and disparate APIs, as well as from sensors and devices from the Internet of Things.


IoTPeople is a Networking platform for all issues, needs, interests and activities that will connect People interested to invest in future interconnected Technologies, which are Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of People (IoP).
The IOT People platform has been initiated by members from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark but have in the meantime Partners joining our Groups from all over the world.


JOLOCOM provides a visual Social Dynamic Graph (SDG) as a P2P-Network that helps You to participate in the collaborative economy by creating an agile and responsive network based upon the virtual design of living systems.
The Social Dynamic Graph (SDG) brings you a new perspective and additional information beyond contemporary social communication and interaction about people, topics and there locality. That way You can integrate Your immediate and indirect environments faster and deeper then ever… You can use the Social Dynamic Graph on Your desktop-computer, tablet and smartphone to connect to concrete sustainable action scenarios in Your area of interest… from art, social business, nature or food to learning… and Doing it Together (DiT) with others.

Ideas seem to network naturally. When we share our ideas we connect to people and often receive new inspirations. The more we spread our ideas, the more likely they tend to create an agile distributed network of ideas. The development of the Social Dynamic Graph helps us to visualize how we co-create and learn together with others, connecting our ideas and resources and supporting each other P2P.

Our streams on Facebook and Twitter share information and activities that we are involved in, as well as various ideas, concepts and mindsets that we find interesting. We embrace the passion to push ahead on innovation or communicate common needs. We hope that what we share contributes in its own way to grow a better understanding of how we can think of, design and create products, services and the world around us in better, more innovative and ecologically sustainable ways.